HuaHin Countdown 2019 — Market Village Hua Hin
update 29 Dec 2018

HuaHin Countdown 2019@ Market Village

Guests enjoy all the fun on New Year’s Eve, Not miss!!

Hua Hin Countdown 2019

31 December meet the fun extreme concert “CD Guntee&Dawut The Old i$e” from famous “The Rapper”and attend a fancy firework spectacular around the sky in the HuaHin downtown.

CD Guntee live Hua Hin Countdown

-Meet the legendary rock band No one knows " SMF Stone Metal Fire  " Full Brand

Live Music & DJ and many Variety Show that makes you a fun night with New Year's Eve , and win prize lucky draw.. ! 
Shop, Restaurant, Beverage garden unlimited for welcome you.

Countdown in Huahin

From 5 pm. onwards at the activity area in front of Market Village HuaHin (Attendance free without charge.)

โทรสอบถาม 032-618-888
ติดตามทุกเรื่องราวความสุข กิจกรรมมากมายที่ 
Line : @markethuahin